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My Story


I'm Alyssa M Sandeen. I've had two heart transplants, and a kidney transplant. My first transplant "heart" was in the year 1998. I was put on full life support, and given less than 5 percent chance of living at the young age of 8. Having my last rights read to me many times.

In 2010 my kidneys had failed. This was due to the anti-rejection medications I would take for my heart. I was told I was in need of a Kidney Transplant. I had be on dialysis for three months. I had many wonderful donor offer's but none had been the perfect match for me. Until the end of March, 2013. Which was when I received my mothers precious gift "her kidney ". 


The year 2013, I received my second heart transplant. I had CPR preformed on me two different times. The last time I had CPR preformed on me I was fighting on and off  for my life. This lasted for over two and a half hours. During this an accident happened. A needle had busted on my central line. This burned my skin from my neck down to partially my chest.

Waiting for a miracle for the fourth time, I was put on life support. I was given an 85 percentile chance of losing my leg. This was due to the lack of oxygen from being on life support. Surprisingly, this caused very little brain damage.


A month later, I was aloud to go home. Within less than a month of living at home I got sick again. I ended up getting pneumonia and a week later had a heart attack. I than was given the decision to either live in the hospital for a better chance of receiving a new heart, or stay home and have a rarer chance of receiving a new heart. I then made the decision to live in the hospital.


While living in the hospital, I was in horrible pain and my body was slowly deteriating.  The doctors would pre-scribe me the highest pain killers. This still wouldn't take away the pain, and would make me become nauseous.

While living in the hospital I ended up in the ICU "Intensive Care Unit" There had been intubated many times.. not knowing if I was gonna live another day.


On June 27th, 2013,  I received the most incredible news of my life. I was offered a second heart. I live today because of God, My incredible family, My amazing nurses and The best doctors in the world.


Also, from the HUGE amount of support and Prayers from people around the globe. Because of YOU all I continue to fight, and I fully believe everyone should get another chance at life.


PS: I have dwelt with other complications, such as a heart flutter, melanoma, scoliosis, and more. I continue to have faith, remain positive and live my life. 

I wish to help

others who are

waiting for an

eye, tissue and/

or organ

transplant and

give a little hope..

I created this site

 to inform 

people of the

importance of

organ donation,

by sharing stories

and events. 

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158


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